Friday, October 02, 2009

Best We Got Internet Up in this Piece!

30 Days after out tenancy officially began here at the new apartment (where does the time go?) we've got our internet. Our house is a home. No more preparing posts at home and (maybe) uploading them at look, no more picking up the occasional rogue wireless signal to shoot off a 1 am email (but really, thanks "linksys" [get an original name, whoever you are, like ours "NetGear"] and "Turtle Wireless", you were a big little help) I'm all up on the internet from home.

To celebrate? Some pictures from the little birthday gathering for Chad I came home to earlier this week.

So, this is Chad. He is one of my roommates. And he had the birthday.

That's Lindsay on the left, you should know her by now, that's Spence on the right. Mom, he is also my roommate (and Ali, this is what your cousin looks like).

This is Adam. He was my roommate in March.

Sara in Don's hat. (Come back to New York, Don.)

Look, Upper West Side folk on the other side of the living room.

Uhm. E-Lease? How is that spelled?

And this is Chad again.

And here's me. Picture wasn't taken in our apartment or on that night, but I wanted to be in this post.

All right. There you go. A blog post with pictures of roommates and a slight idea of what my apartment is like. Hope you enjoyed.


Chet said...

Remember when Broek and I were your roommates? I miss that.

Bek said...

you look sexy.