Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Best You Might Want to Know About This

Yesterday friend of Steady Mobbin' Emily Cox wrote a review of a comedy show featuring David Cross for SFist (like Gothamist, but for San Francisco). Emily didn't care for Mr. Cross' comedy, particularly the fairly negative words he had to say about the LDS faith--she essentially called him a bigot and said no one was laughing at his jokes.

Well, Cross didn't care for Emily's review and posted a response to her review in the comments section of her post. People responded to Cross's response, Cross responded to them, and an internet firestorm ignited.

Maybe "firestorm" is a little too strong, but you may find the whole "discussion" worth a read and a ponder.

Click Here for the whole deal.

While I'm not exactly elated that Cross spent his set putting down my religion, I think anyone going to see Cross's stand up expecting Tobias Funke is going to be let down. He's essentially the male Janeane Garofalo, mistaking complaints for jokes.


Tannerama said...

I didn't like reading any of that... it made my heart hurt.

But, I agree with some of the people that said that if he had done a similar bit but input jewish or muslim dogma in there instead, he would never work again.

bex said...

You are right about him being the male Janeane Garofalo - I have seen her do a very similar set where she talks about how unbelievable she finds the Mormon church.

emily said...

woah! that is so awesome! i liked when that one guy said something about how this would finally clear a path for atheists in this country. beautiful. and the one about how cross is doing a "non-funny comedian" bit. so good. and i even loved all the weird comments from mormons--yay peculiar people!!

Lucas P said...

I saw this set on Monday night -- he was pretty angry, and medium-funny. At the time I was sitting there thinking, "Man, Brigham would NOT be happy."

I actually think it's way more interesting when a comedian tries to provoke an audience rather than tell amusing anecdotes about their dogs (which Cross then went on to do). It wasn't quite inciting people to violence, but he clearly did some research and wanted to make you think.

That said, I think he could have made his point without being quite so mean. He also told a really gross story about having a wet dream in the middle of the night then waking up and realizing his dog was responsible for it. Totally gross!