Sunday, January 07, 2007

Best Troop 314 Reunion

I've known Jeremy Kearley since I was 8. We went to church together, Cub Scouts together, Boy Scouts together, Youth Conference together, High School together, Seminary together, rafter together, went to Freshman Year at BYU together (although we weren't "together" there so much, were reunited post-mission together, made a couple trips to institute together . . . and then, later, I went to his wedding reception in 2000 and sort of never saw him again . . . UNTIL THIS WEEK! Jeremy came to town for some interviews with money companies and I got to hang out with him during his off hours. As you can see here, I took him to see/do lots of typical NYC tourist stuff, but it wasn't typical because it was NYC tourist stuff with JEREMY KEARLEY!

I seriously think it would take at least 24hrs of non-stop reminiscing for Jeremy and me to tell the tales of all the adventures of our youth. And now we'll need some bonus hours to recount our New York stories . . . and just imagine, he might move out here this summer for an internship? Suddenly there could be so much Jeremy in my life! Again!


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Did you guys go IN the wax museum? If so, can you please tell me whether it was worth it or not. It is a long debate for my internal mind and I give up.

Brig said...

Didn't go inside, just passed by.
But I've gone in London and, well, if you like wax statues, it's definitely the place to go.

Rich said...

Hey Brigham, so when do I get my tour?