Saturday, January 13, 2007

Best 1 AM Thoughts

I think that if I had to do BYU all over again I'd take the religion classes more seriously. I'd find good classes with recommended teachers and never complain about being graded for how well I understood the scriptures. And maybe I would go to more of the devotionals, but I remember resolving to do this my last year there and not really feeling much of a pay off.

The Firearm seriously needed a third member, like a marketing person or an agent.

And if I were taking English classes again I'd really look forward to my teachers making me read books I didn't think I was interested in reading. That's how I wound up reading "Paradise Lost." You know what? It lives up to the hype.

It's a shame I had to graduate right when Royal Skousen and I were finally getting to know each other.

It's more of a shame that I was so slow to make a habit of sitting on Cindy and Marsha and Erin's couch.

Also, I would be disagreeable in my philosophy classes and probably want to learn about photography.

I should have learned more in my 9th grade photography class.

But I'm not about to make a post about going back to High School.

But . . .

What if I tried to sneak back into OPRF and pretend I was a student? I wonder if I could fool anyone?

Going back to going back to BYU. I wish I could remember everything I learned in my grammar and linguistics classes.

Is there something out there that's like a Masters or PhD but really you just take undergrad classes again?


Chaunté Vaughn said...

i met royal skousen a few times when i worked in special collections in the library at BYU. he seemed worth knowing. and he has a great name, but most people called him bud or buddy. i thought that was funny.

Brig said...

Royal took some of us to special collections once to look at old church books and I knocked over a Joseph Smith statue. It hit the wall and made a hole. No one except me thought this was funny.

I wish I had known to call Royal "bud."

Anonymous said...

If you go back to college, can I volunteer to be your marketing person for the firearm? You could pay me in J-Dogs and beaver pelts.

Jenna Theobald Broadbent

Cindy said...

You did take me on that creative date one time.

Anonymous said...

whoa, you covered nearly 90% of personal musings regarding my college experience.

But you're missing "Find out who Brigham Barnes is and take creative writing class with him so that you can read that story he wrote about the guy at the fast food place and then feel inferior when he reads your stories about a boy who fell in love with his babysitter."