Monday, January 22, 2007

Best Post-FHE Discovery

I Love Dominoes!

(the game)

(and in certain situations, the pizza is all right with me)


Tannerama said...

What kind of dominoes? Cause so help me if you learned Dominican style! If so, then we are totally playing. I have a set. And I love dominoes!

Brig said...

It was a variation of "Mexican Train" . . . I imagine that this is not Dominican style BUT I look forward to learning all dominoes games and playing you beside the pool after a long day at Coachella.

ps You have just been drafted to go to Coachella.

marcilyn said...

If you enjoyed "Mexican Train" you might also enjoy "Chicken Foot".

Cindy said...

I love "Chicken Foot!" That's the only kind I've played though.

Brig said...

I've been told that Chicken Foot and Mexican Train are pretty much the same.