Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Best Second Gathering

Tuesday night (not Wednesday) saw the second meeting of the 12th Street Guitar Hero Fanciers' Association. This meeting will forever be remembered for many reasons.

First, we were blessed with so many new members, such as Josh and Naomi (seen here) and Keila and Mim (seen later). Second, as you can see here, we added a second guitar, which makes a huge difference and means noone's inexperience will cause them to be kicked off a song.

Third, veteran members like Dave were able to coach newcomers like Keila through the game in a spirit of love, charity, and rock.

Fourth, we had a copy of Guitar Hero I this time which threw in a lot more popular songs into the mix (Guitar Hero II is almost a little music-snobby).

Fifth, Dave and Kim were the first club members to say, "You know what? Why don't we try this thing on hard?" This made me sweat a little.

Sixth, a wonderful jovial atmosphere filled the gathering and overcame most every Fancier in attendance.

Seventh, while I was in the bathroom a renowned rockstar showed up and tore "Shout at the Devil" into teeny, tiny shreds.

Eighth, we saw traditions forming and taking hold amongst our Association, such as the Sunglasses Round of playing, as introduced to us last week by Emily.

Yes, you could say that the 12th Street Guitar Hero Fanciers' Association is beginning to mature into something beloved and beautiful.

Oh! Not pictured but incredibly important! Our meeting once again ended with me playing "Freebird" as the final number. I am so, so proud to say that I achieved my first Four Star rating on Freebird with 199,036 points (so I can still dream of breaking 200,000 next time) and an accuracy rating of 92%. My freebird performance was followed by a lively afterparty and let it be known amongst my readers that I composed this post as Genevieve and Kim continued to play "Take Me Out" over and over long after all had left. Let us raise a toast to them, for they embody the true spirit of Guitar Heromanship!


scrumpestuous d said...

I have to give all the credit for the "let's move to hard" decision to Kim. I guess it's true that it is women that lead men into excellence (not that I'm excellent or anything - I think I'm something more of a tubular, which we all know is waaaaay lower). Plus, what's with my face? I've got to try to look cooler for the photos in the future.

scrumpestuous d said...

P.S. - Thanks again for the rockin' good time! Who was that man with the dreads?

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

You guys rocked! I wish I were there, but I shall join you once again. I just hope you haven't all passed me up in coolness by the time I come next week.