Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Best Call to Action!!


Does this look fun?

Or do you need to be reminded that there is a member of the band called "Peanut"?

Anyway, pre-sale Kaiser Chiefs tickets are now available here. I've got mine for Roseland on the 12th, now get yours.

One drawback you should know about: tickets delivery is only available via UPS 2-day express, so you'll be slapped with a $10.00 charge for that. I recommend getting in touch with your friends to put in an order together to help lighten the shipping charge.

The presale ends tonight and the regular sale begins Saturday morning. I think they're playing with the Walkmen, so it's a pretty solid show.


Niall said...

Would you like me any less if I told you how much I despise the Kaiser Chiefs?

marshall p said...

is that dave dayton on the keyboards?