Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Best Brooklyn Thai Dinner

First off. Saturday. I don't know if you heard, but it was 70 degrees in New York on Saturday. I went to the river, sat on the grass in my t-shirt, and admired the weirdness of the weather.

Next off. Saturday day I heard that Tina was organizing a group of people to get dinner at Sea in Williamsburg that night. Considering that I was once unable to get a table for three at Sea on a Wednesday night I had my doubts that an even larger group could get a table there on a Saturday night, to say the least. Sure enough, when a portion of our group got there they told us it'd be a two hour wait for a table. So we scrambled to find some other place to eat and soon Bonita seemed the best option, especially considering Francesco knew somebody that knew somebody (the manager) that could pull some strings in getting us a table right away.

Here's Tina and Lexia making the necessary calls to alert the rest of our group to the change of location.

And when I say "rest of the group" I mean guys from the 8th Ward that sat at the other end of the table and pretty much aren't in these few pictures at all.

Francesco, the tablegetter (and mastermind behind the ordering of three servings of the guacamole) enjoys Bonita's fine Mexican corn.

Tina ordered the chicken mole. They must have brought her three hens worth of chicken.

Hey, look! Reghan was there too!

Lexia and I. I look like I played videogames all day (I promise I didn't) and she looks like she got a haircut (I promise she did).

I was seriously jealous of the people that ordered burritos. Not that my tacos (not pictured) weren't good, but next time: definitely getting a burrito.

Utah tends to respond positively when I post Francesco pictures, so here's another one for good measure.

Surprise! Guess who else was at dinner? Oscar!!

Vegeta. Always suspicious.


jare said...

awwwwww.....it's so sad to think you were just a block away (you know that we live on South 1st and Berry, right?) Bonita is like our Grey's Papaya. Seriously man, we may have to rumble if you sneak onto our turf again like that.

Brig said...

I thought you lived around there.
Have you been to Supercore? I kind of like it.

bek said...

i heart Osca for life!

Jen and Shane said...

Oh, what i wouldn't give for a Thai dinner right now...