Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's Always Better on Holiday IV, pt. V

I bet you think I flew back to New York. Nope! Just having a layover in Las Vegas on my way to LA.

Right after getting into Burbank Grandma took me to lunch at Houston's and then I went to Grandpa's barber for a haircut.

Then I drove by where I lived back in the day.

Mom: Please explain what has happened to the Kim's house because this is not what it used to look like. Did they win the lottery?

I was lucky enough to arrive in California on Tanner's birthday. Sweet! If you don't know Tanner in real life, maybe you've read his well-behaved and intelligent comments on this blog from time to time. It was an honor to be at the party of someone so beloved by his sister's friends. And his own friends.

The birthday guy and myself.

If you didn't know, Tanner is Broek's brother and that's Broek on the left. (Broek: Note that I opted to use the picture without the cake for hottness reasons)

Tanner's party was full of people I know, used to know, have seen on the internet, or have met before, but only once. For example: Keith Paugh was there, and, although it's even hard for me to believe, this was the second time in my life I had ever been in his presence.

Other examples: Christina (I had met her 1 1/2 times before) and Dave (I had only heardtell). Here they share a completely candid moment.

I'll admit I've gone through an internal debate about the ethics of posting these next two pictures and I've decided to just do it. Ahem. As you can see here, back in the kitchen "strike anywhere" matches were being put to the test. (Also: Look how last halloween someone in New York dressed up as mustache-guy from Tanner's party. Weird.)


The whole situation had everyone feeling a little like this:

Also at the party: Chaz, from way back in the day.

As Chaz was a key member of Provo's Shriners of Ska (back in 1995), a skanking photo was in order. PS: How come there's no shrine to the Shriners anywhere on the internet? Am I wrong about this?

There was an immense amount of dancing at the party, dancing that these over-flashy photos from a darkroom do no justice to at all. Also, maybe you're looking at Dave's face in this picture and thinking "Pffft, I bet he isn't dancing well." Well, you're wrong. He's dancing really well, but don't take my word for it. Look at the girl in the background. What is she doing? Clapping. Clapping because the dancing is so good.

If you think this will be the only birthday party or dancing documented on Steady Mobbin' this week, you're so wrong.


Tannerama said...

I didn't know my face could contort to such a giddy expression.

marshall p said...

why do dudes like to make out with other dudes so much? and like touch each other on the wee-wee and stuff?

just wondering. gosh.

English said...

Man. I love this post. Everything came off so exciting.

I'm in on the Shriner's Tribute page. Let's get talking and coding. It's somthing that should happen and exsist. Only a matter of time before the kids bring back ska in one incarnation or another.