Thursday, August 24, 2006

Best Not Super Exciting Project Runway

Sure, last night's episode of Project Runway was spicy and there were some good one-liners and jabs, but really, it wasn't any big deal. Every dog has his day, so Vincent wins a competition. We all see Jeffrey be mean to Angela's Mom and make a pretty lame dress, but fat gets trimmed at Robert goes home. Hmmm. No big deal. But it was a little decent when they showed Jeffrey upset that a good fellow like Robert was leaving when so many awful people remained.

I don't know about designing for my Mom (or yours), but this is me and Mom looking stylish a few years back.

Next Week: Designing for a jet setter, with a twist? I'm guessing she's an amputee.


Broek said...

The look on your face shows tortured desperation. "For the love....Please, somebody, get me out of the suit so I can plaaay!!!"

bek said...

your blog is officially cool again!

Tannerama said...

I love that picture and while Broek's observation is a good one... I actually disagree. I imagine that this was taken as you were facing the sea... and your look is one more of longing.

Anonymous said...

Actually, we are looking north on Castle street in Baltimore towards the ghetto row houses that we lived in.

- Mom Barnes