Monday, August 14, 2006

Best Real Estate Mixed Feelings

My first year in New York I lived on 3rd Street close to this building.

Early on I became quite interested in the building's penthouse . . . look how high the ceiling is, and how there's a platform and stuff in there. Such tall windows!

I'd look up at it when I walked by and wonder who lived up there and if really is was nice up there or only just big. Also, I wondered how much the penthouse would cost . . . for some reason the number that always came to my mind was $750,000. I know it couldn't possibly cost that little, but that's what I always imagined for a price . . . like, maybe everyone forgot about the big apartment ontop of the building with the Curves and office supply store so they'd have to sell it for cheap?

Well, my mystery apartment is for sale now and it is NOT $750,000. More like $14,500,000. Oops. Here's the listing, check it out.

I don't know. That listing doesn't sell me. The pictures don't make it look like much, and the lack of floorpan is a serious bummer.

I think I'd rather take my money here or here.
p.s. If you didn't already guess, I'm leaving the apartment like crazy now, I'm practically all better. Practically.

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JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Does it really cost $12MM to get central air in New York? I might be willing to pay it.