Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's Always Better on Holiday IV, pt. III

Wednesday Night I went to the world famous Red Iguana for the first time ever (actually, it was my second time ever, but the first time I went ordered so poorly that I've decided it didin't count)

My partner for the evening? None other than (hold on to your socks) MATTHEW GOLD ALLEN!!!

Something amazing about the Red Iguana: The pool at the motel next door.

After our 30 minute or so wait for a table (I'm not hating, the time was well spent) it was time to dine. Matt had some sort of chimichanga.

I had the Red Pipian Mole. Word.

Red Iguana: Truly you are as amazing as they say you are.


Cache said...

the nachoes maybe. maybe the nachoes. well, the nachoes definately, but the rest? El Jefe in Las Vegas makes the red iguana look like a... um... turtle? no, no, a toad!

Anonymous said...

red iguana=yum.

Brig said...

Mom, please stop embarrassing me in front of my internet friends!

Anonymous said...

now brig... mom's are the coolest they give us sweet style