Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Best Stuff I've Been Up To


Did you know that in Red Hook there is a soccer field where, on weekends, vendors representing so many of Latin America's finest countries set up stands to sell their delicious, delicious food? It's true, and it's amazing. And I should've taken more pictures.

Shrimp ceviche, off the hook.

Ecuadorian tacos. Take warning, Mexico, these were pretty awesome (and by "pretty" I mean so amazingly) tacos.

Pupusas getting made.

A huarache. Nice showing, Mexico, but I left daydreaming about those Ecuador tacos.

Later that night I drank a Sprite at Morimoto and this is what the bar looks like.


Taxis. Not always the best idea.

At FHE we played Scrabble and Byron and I totally won! (by three points)


The new stake center has really come along since January.

But mostly I've been busy wondering about this mysterious bump on my head. It's a real goose egg, but I don't remember being hit. Did you hit me? When I wasn't looking?


Cache said...

shrimp, off the hook. thats funny! have you been watching shark week?

ian said...

I hit you.

Also, did they have patacones and hojaldres?

Cindy said...

aa: rough, cindery lava
qat: kat

Who knows their 2 letter words, you or Byron?

emily said...

nite isn't a word!!

emily said...

sord: a flight of mallards.

who got that one?

Joshua said...

nite is a word....

zen however is not.

Brig said...

Zen?! Agh! Those jerks! How'd we let that get past? It was only my 4th game of Scrabble.

emily said...

josh, nite is not a word. night is a word.

oh wait a minute. i forgot you're the scrabble dude. ok, i retract my challenge. do you have a baby now? i'm going to go over to your blog.