Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Best Trailer Worth Discussing

From my sickbed (cough cough, weeze) I have "found" the trailer for School for Scoundrels (it was hidden at I have things to say about this trailer . . .

The plot seems simple/slightly lame: Loser goes to class to learn how to be a man/get the girl, but then his teacher becomes interested in the girl that the Loser was after, hilarity ensues. But what's most "interesting" about the movie is the casting. Our loser? Jon Heder, here to show that he can do more than be Napoleon. Ok, that's fine. The teacher, Billy Bob Thornton. That's cool, Billy Bob is good at being funny and being a jerk, I suppose it's nearly ideal casting. But who's the girl? Jacinda Barrett, who was on Real World London, uhm, maybe 12 or 13 14 years ago but now is in movies? I have no problems with this.

Next, look! David Cross and Sarah Silverman are in supporting roles! That's fun, you know, cuz they're edgy comedians. So that makes the movie a little more interesting (even though if you went to every movie Mr. Cross was in, you'd see a lot of lame movies)

BUT look even closer. Who else is in the movie? Paul Scheer and Aziz Ansari (his first movie role ever). Now it's like, whoah! The School for Scoundrels casting director really went for the hip young comedians. And it all adds up to something that makes me say: "Hmmm. School for Scoundrels?"

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Tannerama said...

Oh man, I laughed so fricking hard at this trailer. I'm just glad that Jon Heder will get to do more than another character thats a Napoleon clone.