Saturday, August 05, 2006

Best Use of My Spanish

Saturdays are usually a wasteland when it comes to TV watching. But Telemundo is playing a live action Dragon Ball movie from the early 90s right now, dubbed in Spanish, of course. I had no idea such a movie existed. It's a little stupid, a little likeable, and a lot better than watchiing another episode of Next. Yet . . . it reminds me a lot of the Ewok Adventure, for some reason. has a good bit of info on "Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins". (but the English version)

Oh! Now the Goku character is going to go fishing for crocodiles! Right after he finishes handing out bananas to his monkey friends.

Correction: What I forgot to mention that is really, really important is that this is a live action Dragon Ball movie that I am watching in Spanish this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Kudos I am fascinated by the Spanish language channels. It helps my spanglish.That must be a trip watching a Japanese cartoon in Spanish. I would be lost in translation. I know it's a poor pun. -matt

Anonymous said...

Now I understand the reference to the Ewoks. It is all coming to together.-matt

Tannerama said...

I loved the Ewok Adventure. Both of them.

Hey Brigham, did you ever see a movie called the Great Land of Small?

That movie was a trip and has haunted my dreams since childhood. I never really knew what it was about when I was a kid. But, now that I've gotten older I did some research and it infuriates me that my Mom would rent such rubbish for me to watch. Although it did keep me entertained/occupied while she did things around the house.

But, seriously Brigham, you should do some research on this movie... if you haven't seen it already... which you may have.