Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's Always Better on Holiday IV, pt. I

I'd like to send a shout-out to Grandma's neighborhood library's wireless internet for all of a sudden working so well and uploading all these pictures.

Saturday Morning, a quick ride up to Idaho.

We were there to celebrate the old and noble Brim/Hyde Homestead’s 100th birthday.

Downey view.

Not too many houses get birthday cakes.

Relatives I had never ever met before (and others that I knew) crowded the porch for the commemorative portrait.

Photographers assembled. Whenever I see an older sort with a digital camera I think, “Yes, yes.”

On the porch it was pure bedlam.

A proper Idahoan potluck . . .

Results in a proper plate of three sorts of potato dishes, additional salads, and barbecue.

Famous fellows assembled.

Birthday cake prepared for cutting.

Loyal hound left out of festivities.

Across the street, the American Legion Hall (in my years of Downey visits, I have never seen a soul enter this building)

In my day, the thing to do in Downey was climb the guns. Now there's a Nintendo in the house.

A visit to the old Downey House is a trip to re-see familiar sights you nearly forgot but remember immediately.

Sometimes you’re at a family reunion, sitting in the den because you’re running out of things to talk about with the relatives that you don’t know but who have met your father and then a kid who is kind of your cousin walks in and asks you to take his picture. And then you’ve got a new friend.

Here’s the thing. He’s two. Can you believe it?

No one ever told me about Grandma Brim being the old South Bannock County Beerfest Queen.

Before leaving, we visit Grandpa in Cambridge.

Saturday Night, New York ex-pats unite. At the Sizzler. To celebrate Erin Enke's birthday. The Sizzler is for adventure.

Rebekah and I say, “Viva la Cheesey Bread.” (click here for Director’s Cut, Behind the Scenes Making of Photo)

Natalie and Mitch, Malibu and Hibachi chicken, respectively.

A proper feast of steak and seafood. It looked good enough to eat.

The soundtrack at the Sizzler kept trying to bring the mood down, stop hating on our Saturday nights, Sizzler soundtrack.


Anonymous said...

Rebekah, will you marry me?
-- anonymous

Cache said...

oh, i guess somebody already wrote that. i'll think of something else. (and it is a good thing anonymous signed '-- anonymous')

Cache said...

if someone drives to idaho, breaks into that house, and steals that globe just know it wasn't me.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Oh sweet, sweet, sweet Idaho. Will your goodness never cease to give to the world? I miss you terribly.

Rebekah said...

Yes, Anonymous. I will marry you!