Thursday, August 10, 2006

Best Signs of Civilization

1) I took a big risk and left my apartment for the first time in over a week last night. I felt like an astronaut landing on the moon to find it civilized and inhabited. It was exhilerating being out amongs the living again. I passed Phillip Seymour Hoffman talking with some other fellow about film festivals, and Washington Square Park was full of hippie busses.

2) Menupages now has Brooklyn listings!! This is reason for elation, it's like hearing that a transcontinental telegraph wire has been laid.

3) Lastnight I happened to get to talk on the phone with my brother Owen while he was waiting for his flight from New York to Madrid. Apparently there was some ticket mix-up and he was flown first class from Salt Lake to New York? Geeze. What a way to treat a missionary. Now my little brother has partaken of luxuries that I can only dream of.

4) Last night I left my apartment for a second time (I know, Crazy!) to grab some food from Chipotle across the street. They gave me my food for free! No explanation, they just waved me by! Do I look that bad? or Do I look that Special?


Cache said...

boo first-class. hooray...! No, first class does look nice, but is it really worth dreaming about? I, for one, would rather dream about free chipotle.

Broek said...

They thought they recognized you from Arrested Development, that's what.