Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's Always Better on Holiday IV, pt. II


This is the Benny Memorial at Grandma's house. He was a fairly good dog.

Grandma and I had lunch at "La Cocina" by her house, which was recommended to Grandma by her checkout girl at Reams. Grandma's enchiladas were good.

I ordered the taquitos. They were the exact same as the taquitos you buy from the grocery store. Which must be why Grandma's checkout girl liked them so much.

In the afternoon I went down to old Provo. I visited BYU.

I've always liked this map in the HFAC.

There were handpainted signs everywhere.

I consider this to be a fairly goodlooking "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" poster.

The JKHB is getting tore up!

I was really curious to go check out the new Humanities Mothership.

To say it made me feel like I was at the Jurasalem Center West would be a serious understatement.

Ooh, I would love to take Anthro 490!

For the record, BYU was absolutely deserted and just about everything was locked up, except, of course, for the New Building's terrace.

I walked around the building seeking out evidences of my favorite professors. Evidence was found.

I don't remember Royal looking like this.

Okay, I know. Pictures of buildings and signs, "yawn." So here's something exciting! Marsha!. Marsha and I ate some excellent Mexican food at Gallo Giro. Excellent!

I forgot to have my picture with my food so here's me with my beverage.

Then we were like, "What do we do, what do we do" as we drove around in Orem and then all of a sudden, we were like "DUH!"

Woooooo! Nickelcade! Woooooo!

First Marsha and I played Time Crisis II for a while.

After Time Crisis I wandered around, looking for ways to spend my nickels. All the Street Fighter games had messed up controls, and Puzzle Fighter was long gone. But then I found this game, "Dynamite Cop." Whoah! Turns out that I Love Dynamite Cop!

I totally beat it! (It only took about a $1.20 in nickels to do so)

Also turns out Marsha and I weren't the only cool kids to decide to swing by the Nickelcade that night.

So, yeah. That was Monday. I took 0 photos on Tuesday, so the next day you'll read about will be Wednesday, if I take any pictures tonight.

Also Remember when I went to have Latin food by a soccer field in Brooklyn? Here's what the New York Times has to say about the grub. It is possible that I did some light translating for the author of this article.


rob said...

oh crap -- el gallo giro is the hottest crap in town. I am so glad they have one in provo now. I am also so happy that I made an apperance on your blog. it is always lovely seeing brigham.

Two Clazzy Ladies said...

I love Royal! I went to elementary school with his son. Had I known his father was a mad linguist genius I wouldn't have stolen all of his collectable football pencils. I loved his class but couldn’t seem to ever stay awake. Perhaps his voice was just too soothing.

PS. Brig--did you hear that Provo has a Rice to Riches knockoff? I'm not sure if I love or hate that fact. Maybe I should try some pudding and then decide.

Brig said...

Oh Jenna, I am troubled that I never knew this about you before. What conversations we could have had! I could write books on my fascination with Royal.

marshall p said...

I can answer the rice to riches question... they have a place called "pudding on the rice" I know this because it is Emily's all time favorite place go. there is a rice flavor with toffee that is "not bad".

I had fun with Brigham! and I am super glad that I don't look too gross in any of those pictures (I actually look kindof tan, did you use your "tan" setting?) and... yeah, nickelcade. I am only sad there wasn't a picture of me playing my all time favorite game of "skee-ball".


Jill said...

You are lucky to hang out with Marsha.