Friday, August 18, 2006

Best Opportunity I Could Not Take Advantage Of

Looking out at Manhattan from Queens.

Look at what they're doing to the TWA terminal. The old terminals/gates have been destroyed, but the famous part and it's tunnels remain. JetBlue is going to make that place nice.

I spent a portion of a crazy evening in there eight years ago waiting for a flight to Israel. I ate a hamburger and looked out the windows and thought "So that's New York."

But here's the thing . . . I'm making this post while sitting in the airport because JetBlue has free wireless and because I happen to have Owen's laptop with me. I'm totally nerding out.

But not as much as the businessman sitting beside me with the Halo novel.

(He's reading First Strike, which Jonshah Pourhahemi said was "probably one of my favorite books of all time" and that Arthur W. Jordin recommended for "Halo fans and for anyone else who enjoys nonstop firefights with a variety of horrifying and powerful opponents." However, the pros and cons of the novel's length are disputed. While Mr. Pourhahemi stated that "This book may be long, but it is filled with tangible actions senses," but Brett R. felt that "the only fault that I found in the novel was that it was too short." I guess you'll just have to decide for yourself when you pick up your own copy.)

I, however, am incredibly sophisticated so I watched a little bit of Masculin Feminin,which Yoo Min Choo called "a work full of irony, insight, poetry, and wit."

And here's the world internet premiere of my post-shingles face. It's really itchy today.

The Revenge of the Cancelled Vacation begins . . . NOW! Burma, here I come!


Anonymous said...

It is good to see that face. I am sorry about the shingles. My grandmother and father both experienced shingles. I am glad that you are able to travel again. I am going to be in the East Coast area probably in October. I was reflecting on the Barnes family reunion at Aspen Grove. Where I was adopted, and placed upon your volleyball team. Good times I'll never forget your mom's comment you better drink at least a gallon of milk at dinner. Congratulations to your brother on his mission call. He will be a great iinfluence on the people. May you continue to remain healthy, wealthy, and wise. Do you remember the comment that you made to me while we took our Sunday stroll in Liverpool. I will never forget these words of wisdom that were given to me by you. "Matt you cannot be sarcastic because it just sounds like your being mean...You're all about the love." Of course I am paraphrasing, but that one statement really is true about me. Thank you for that. Do you also recall when we were getting prepared for church, and we had the holiday beard off. I think you called it the devil, I think it would be interesting to have a beard off, on the blog. Travel safely my friend-matthew gold allen

Anonymous said...

Woot! It's MGA - it's like a mini London reunion on Briggie's blog as of late.

Brooke M. said...

Wow. If I remember correctly, that is the girl who talks about birth control in M/Fem. What I most remember is that when I saw that movie I wanted that EXACT girl's hair cut . I LOVED it. And still do. Isn't it cute?