Monday, November 08, 2004

Hmmm. Best?

Here's the poster for next summer's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Movie. You know, the one starring Johnny Depp, directed by Tim Burton. The kids at Hot Topic are going to love this thing. I've blogged about it (the movie, not the poster) before, back on July 5. Get this: Christopher Lee is playing Willy Wonka's Dad? Word is the teaser for this thing'll be attached to the Polar Express . . . but right now I'm not feeling so good about trailers that are supposed to be attached to new movies. Man, Big Fish was such a good movie, it'll be nice to see Tim Burton cutting loose and making something really wild.

Once again, dedicated to Jen Gurney.

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JenGurn said...

That thing is spooky (what's with the white face paint?)but intriguing...thanks for keeping me posted.

My memories of Tiger:
-You and Matt said he was awesome
-He kept kimchee in your fridge, and I smelled it once and thought it was gross.

Did I never meet him?