Thursday, November 04, 2004

Best Pun of the Week (a.k.a. "I Love it When You Call Me Beard Papa")

Brigham Barnes here, reporting on what have to be about the two hottest things right now. First, feeding the missionaries. It's just gotten so popular lately, it's like, you're simply not cool if you're not inviting the missionaries over for food--be it home cooked or delivered. As I gave the work a shot myself only, uhm, seven or eight years ago (how did that happen?) it warms my heart to see so many eager to fill their bellies.

Secondly, everyone who is anyone is talking about Beard Papa, the Japanese cream-puff sensation that is sweeping the nation . . . and by "sweeping the nation" I mean, there are like 3 Beard Papa stores in New York City now. These white and yellow havens of pastry goodness sell only one thing: Beard Papa creampuffs. And as far as creampuffs go, they're pretty good. Not like I've eaten many disgusting creampuffs in my day. And why is it called Beard Papa? Well, their logo is some guy that looks like Ernest Hemingway wearing a yellow hat and smoking a pipe. That must have something to do with it. Learn more at the official Beard Papa website.

Last night these two out of control sensations came together on Christopher Street in an apartment above Ty's Bar. Look carefully and you'll see Beard Papa hard at work in these photos, but they aren't really total in-your-face "we love creampuffs!" sorts of photos.

Electroclash Karisa and Kristin Mills and a box of Beard Papas. Genius award goes to KLH for quipping "I love it when you call me Beard Papa" (Don't get it? Click.)
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Me, the Elders, and some Beard Papa action.
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Seriously, though. It's like I'll blog about anything.

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