Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Best "What?!" of the Day

So, yeah, it's election day and I just received my big surprise for the day, and it has nothing to do with John Kerry or George Bush. I get these emails from Ticketmaster all the time with subjects like: "Don't Miss: Pedro the Lion Next Wednesday" that I tend to delete right away. Today I got a "Don't Miss: Modest Mouse next Tuesday" -- usually I'd delete such a thing, but I clicked it only to discover that Modest Mouse's opening band? The Buff Medways, a.k.a. Billy Childish's latest band who, as far as I know (and, on topics like this, I know pretty far) have never played in the US before. And while, in my book, the more traditional rock of the Medways has nothing on Thee Headcoats or Thee Mighty Caesars -- I find myself very close to buying tickets to a Modest Mouse concert. This is a lot like the time I went to see Dido because Travis was opening (whatever happened to Travis, anyway? I guess Coldplay went totally N*Sync on their Backstreet Boy). Still, I don't know Modest Mouse well, but I do know that they're better than Dido.

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