Monday, November 22, 2004

Best Sign School Has Taken Over

So, I've got 4 tickets to the "secret" U2 show tomorrow in DUMBO. But you're supposed to get there at 2:30, and I have Corporations at 2. We're going to be starting to talk about Insider Trading. I really think my sense of duty to the studies is going to win out over my desire to see a band that I've never been super interested in play songs I've never heard from a new album that I'll probably never listen to . . . but even I can tell I'm passing on a memorable experience by doing so. Like, that'd make a good blog post, "Best Secret U2 Concert Ever." Who knows what will happen. Stay tuned.

Oh, and those other 3 tickets? Not spoken for, but I need to be there. If you want some of your own, contact me, I'll tell you how to get them. It wasn't that hard at all.

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