Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Best Unrelated Bits of "Information"

1) On Saturday I babysat a bunch of kids all afternoon with a bunch of other babysitters. When the first mom showed up with her 18 month old this is the first thing she said: "This is Jill*, she has the worst yeast infection right now." And then she started handing me all these tubes and ointments. So that was great.

*For some reason, I've changed the baby's name to protect its identity.

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2) Do you know who rocks? Slayer rocks. I write this as a 27 year old. I had friends who started listening to Slayer when we were 13, at the oldest. 14 years later, I'm listening to "Seasons in the Abyss" for the first time . . . and It. Is. Awesome. Especially the song "Skeletons of Society." Finally, I'm starting to get metal.

By the way, that's the cover of "Seasons in the Abyss." It's not Jill*, or anything.

3) I like Blue 9 Burger. Best Double-Cheeseburger in the city. But the Burger Joint is still my favorite single-patty cheeseburger. I've read plenty of comments comparing Blue 9 to In-N-Out, but as someone who didn't grow up in California and feels he must talk about In-N-Out all the time, I have no comment to make on this.

4) Here's what I have to say about the television: The new show, Lost? It was good the first few times, but I don't have it in me to keep watching it. The new season of South Park? So far, not so hot. The first episode of this season of the Simpsons (not counting the Halloween Special)? Surprisingly good, I had been ready for this to be the season that the show was clearly not good anymore. They're 1/1 right now. The second episode of the second season of Arrested Development? Pretty great. The new season of Amazing Race? So many boneheads, it's incredible.

All of a sudden it seems like I watch a lot of TV. Would you like me to tell you about the Paramount/Viacom merger instead? Or maybe the moot court competition?

If I don't think of something intelligent to put on this blog soon my head is going to shrink down to nothingness.


Anonymous said...

"Finally, I'm starting to get metal."

Enjoy. There are some good nuggets for you to discover...

I'd be happy to point your way to a few, if you like.


Brig said...

Lead on! But I'm only interested in the illest, most wicked, blackest metal. Only stuff that'll peel the paint off my walls.