Sunday, November 28, 2004

Best Unmerited Seriousness

The New York Times has a good article on my "boss" Lil' Jon today. Probably too good of an article. It's weird to hear crunk discussed so seriously, as if it's legitimate. Believe me, it isn't legitimate.

Do you remember how I posted a link to Drop It Like It's Hot back at the beginning of September? I just wanted to remind you that I did that. That's how much Steady Mobbin' loves you, bringing you today's hits three months ago. Of course, I haven't done anything like that since then.

More Thanksgiving activities: Went and saw "Finding Neverland." If you don't love this movie you don't have even 1/2 of a heart. The Lake was nothing but a bunch of sobbing grown-ups by the time it ended. Me? I won't grow up, never grow up, not I. Also, I went with my Pop to the Cunning Little Vixen. No, Randy and I didn't go to a strip club, it was an opera. About woodland creatures. So there you are.

Coming Soon Steady Mobbin': We Break Into Your Homes and Play With Your Cats. And also, so many people are having birthdays these days. Happy Birthday to all of you, especially those of you that visit the briggie dot blogspot ever.

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