Sunday, November 07, 2004

Best Little Weekend Wrap-Up I'll Write Tonight

So, here's my weekend. The interesting parts, at least.

Friday Yeah, I cleaned my apartment real good. Yeah, I did all my laundry. Yeah, I returned some pants and did some homework. But Friday night was Incredibles night, and that's all that mattered. Fueled by a delicious White Castle dinner I was able to secure the best seats in the house and despite the fact that (for some reason) the Episode III trailer wasn't attached to our print, the Incredibles did not disappoint. This movie might just make all the money in the universe. There was so much to like about it, but what comes to mind right now as being awful great was 1) The Design. It's with much pride that I say it looked like they ripped off most of their 50's/60's Modern cues from my Grandma's own furniture collection. Beautiful. 2) I really liked when Dash had to run, and those razor-copters were after him. That was great. Also, there was this guy sitting near me that kept laughing at all the not very funny parts and burping, too. He was funny. And I can only say that because I wasn't sitting right right by him. So, yeah. If you haven't, go see it. It's full of good stuff.

Saturday Studying and stuff all day. Saw Nicole Richie in front of Jerry's on Prince. Some might ask where all my celebrity sightings have been lately--mostly I've just been seeing people I've seen before around again. I've seen Nicole around before, and a little while ago I saw Famke Janssen walking her dog, for like the third time.

But the big thing about Saturday was that in the PM I went to Hoboken to see the Futureheads at Maxwell's with Genevieve. You know what? Hoboken looks just like San Diego. Seriously. They both have a Sam Goody and everything. Just don't tell San Diego that I said that, I'm sure it'd be mad.

The Futureheads proved to be plenty good. Very Franz Ferdinandy sounding, except all four of them sang--which you don't get often, you know, the whole band singing. They played 17 songs in less than an hour, just the kind of show I like. The Futureheads have a bit of buzz going on right now, so they might be headed for a next-big-thing deal, or they might just wind up another band that was supposed to be the next-big-thing.

Here's a picture of two of the guys rockin' out:

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The band had really great onstage banter, like the clever stuff the Beatles said in "Help!" And I'm sure that Genevieve wants you to know that the Futureheads had a roadie, and that she found him to be a good looking fellow. Judge for yourself:

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After the show Genevieve and I found ourselves walking down a quiet Hoboken street alongside a member of the Futureheads that we'll call "the tall one." Genevieve asked him a question or two about the roadie, and he answered with some clever North England expression, then ran off into a park and peed on a tree. True story.

Man. What a vain and foolish thing Steady Mobbin' is.

Sunday In the evening I went and had a fine dinner at Joe's house. Once dinner was over, the lights were turned down low, the mirror ball was turned on, and sweet music ("Total Eclipse of the Heart") filled the room. Awkward slow dancing ensued. Here we've got a "what's going on here?" no-flash account of the dancing and a "Oh, that's what's going on" flash version.

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Anonymous said...

Sariah here. Yeah, I got to sit next to the burpy gentleman at the Incredibles. So I was not so amused. I was disgusted. But, much to the movie's credit, I still loved the Incredibles.

Second, there are very few celebs I am interested in seeing, but one has always been Kate Hudson and her scruffy-adorable husband. And on Saturday I saw them both in Soho with their darling baby. And Kate smiled at me. No fear, I remained cool. Until I turned the corner and promptly called my sisters. and my mum. and brigham.