Friday, November 26, 2004

Best Thanksgiving This Whole Year

Here's some Thanksgiving break stuff that's happened.

1) I was on one of the last planes to make it into Chicago last night. I flew into Midway, rumor has it O'Hare was closed. Actually, Midway was closed for a while, they had us in a holding pattern waiting for the winds to die down so that they could reopen the runways. I guess it's a Thanksgiving miracle I made it here at all. Also, while I was at Newark, my flight was momentarily delayed 4 hours. There's nothing quite like hearing that your 4:30 flight is going to leave at 8:30, and then to hear that it's been moved down from 8:30 to 5:00? I don't even want to know the true story behind that.

2) Last night I got the whole family, (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Owen, Greg, Emily) to sit down and watch Arrested Development with me. I thought we were just going to watch the pilot, but we made it through the whole first disc of episodes. You know you've made yourself a funny sitcom if Grandma is quoting it a day later.

3) Also, something funny Grandma said: "I want that Napoleon Bonaparte movie for Christmas." (She was refering to Napoleon Dynamite, of course, which she had gone to see with her fellow San Marino widows at some point.)

4) We all went and saw National Treasure today. Inoffensive yet completely generic, they could have just called it "Caper Movie!"

5) BUT I did finally see the Revenge of the Sith trailer with it. Making me probably the last person in the world, but man, what a beauty. It's going to be such a best movie of 2005, I just know it.

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