Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Second Best Walk of the Week

So the Hudson doesn't feel so down, I've put pictures from my Saturday exploration up at shutterfly, (same login, same password). I've also included pictures of my Sunday trip to Central Park. Sunday trip to Central Park? Here's the story . . .

So after church I'm walking home with Bryant, Jason, and Dave (heretofor to be known as "The Waverly Guys") and Bryant offers to cook a pizza for everyone and we're all like "yeah" and Jason's like "it's such a nice day, let's go to the park" and we're like "ok" and we're all thinking that Jason must mean "Washington Square Park" as it's the park we all live a block away from, but it turns out by "park" he meant "central park" and by "let's go to the park" Jason meant "I need to go meet my girl at the park."

But why complain about a trip to Central Park? It was a great day, and I checked some stuff out I hadn't seen before, the place was full of 8th Warders making their way home, and Bryant's pizza was great, even if we had to wait an extra couple hours to be having it.

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