Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Best Weekend in a Week

Let me give you a quick rundown on June 11-13. Friday night I wound up on a cruise around Manhattan that I hadn't expected to find myself on, but it wasn't so bad. It must've been all the drinking, because I've never produced a blurrier batch of photos. The little album (the best photo of the night missing due to third-party deviousness) is up at shutterfly (as usual, login is my email, password is "pictures.") Like a genius I didn't think to take a picture of the boat.

I started Saturday out doing a little birthday shopping and hamburger eating with Paul Jacobsen. As if I'm even still reporting on celebrity-sightings, we walked past Famke Janssen on 6th Avenue. The evening was split between a great fireside with Gordon B. Hinckley at Radio City Music Hall which I won't go into for my inability to be reverent on this page and a great party at Paul and Joe's down in, hmm, Little Italy? Soho? China Town? Call it what you will, but I should've been taking pictures, sorry, I was busy conversating and admiring pointy pink shoes. Right before calling it a night I checked out the Misshapes prom at Luke and Leroy's from the outside. Looked cool, I really ought to get over my fear of nightlife and go to Misshapes sometime. I saw Carlos D. of Interpol greeting people with sophisticated man-kisses outside as well as Brian Battjer, who I think I know, but it turns out I've just spent a lot of time at his website.

Sunday was the Manhattan Temple Dedication, once again, I'll leave the serious stuff be, but for the record: even though he repeated some of his jokes from the night before, President Hinckley never ceases to amaze or inspire. Post-dedication Genevieve whipped up some magnificent curry at her place and a pleasant evening was had by all.

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Anonymous said...

I can confirm the birthday shopping and hamburger eating, and must confess to eating some of Brigham's fries with no intent whatsoever of helping pay for them. Even after he helped with the birthday shopping.

I can likewise confirm the Famke sighting and pointy pink shoes.

The whole Misshapes thing is up to debate, though.