Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Best Walk of the Week

Up until Monday, it would've been my Saturday trek through the West Village and Meat Packing District to the Chelsea Piers where I spent some time watching lame kids pulling lame tricks on their Razor scooters at the skate park before walking home along the Hudson . . . but out of nowhere, I get invited on a Memorial Day hike on the Appalachian Trail. Yeah, the Appalachian Trail, turns out you can take a train to it from Grand Central like it ain't no thing.

The whole expedition was mostly Bryant's idea, and the event proved to be well attended. The actual distance hiked remains disputed, I'm tempted to guess maybe 1.75-2.0 miles each way with lots of hillage and switchbacks. New friendships were made and no bones were broken (but an ankle was sprained, go figure.)

So that the entire world can enjoy the magic of the hike, I've posted the pictures at shutterfly.com. Login is my email, password is "pictures." No troublemaking!

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Matt Lemmon said...

Too bad you have like sixteen different email addresses to choose from. Maybe I should try mc187capbusta@yahoo.com.