Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Best Sandwich-Shop Story of the Afternoon

This afternoon I went to get numerous sandwiches and salads from Grey Dog Coffee for an about-to-be-written-about event and, as I waited patiently at a table for my order to come up, I realized I was sitting right beside Puff Daddy's dapper man-servant, Farnsworth Bentley, and his assistant. (Yes! Assistants have assistants now!) Farnsworth was wearing a tweed jacket with a hot pink pocket square, a madras shirt, and bowtie. He kept taking calls on his cell phone (disguised as a furry puppy) saying things like "I have to run that by Sean" or "Andre 3000 said it was the best interview he ever read." (After that little comment he explained to his assistant that he had an interview in Sister 2 Sister magazine, which is "in every beauty shop across the country.") Apparently one of his callers was asking a few too many questions about a pilot Farnsworth just taped, but he took it in stride. And then my sandwiches were ready. And I just wrote too much about Puff Daddy's fake butler.  Posted by Hello

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