Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Best Way to Keep Down Property Values

Out of control success has caused briggie.blogspot to become one of the hottest up and coming neighborhoods of the moment. Property values in "BrigBlo" are expected to hit the very fashionable $1000/sq. foot mark by the end of the season, turning the website into just another neighborhood to have become too pricey for the residents that made it so cool in the first place. Not that I have anything against trustafari, (in fact, I'd love to meet more), but in an effort to stabilize rents around here I'm going to be including crap content from time to time, the sort of stuff we all sort of dread finding in our inboxes, but nevertheless still provide us with temporary escapes. For example, below you'll find one of those "about me" surveys you're always supposed to fill out and mail back. I tried to answer it as seriously and briefly as possible, but you know that's a problem for me. If the mood hits you, why not copy it and post your own answers in the comments section? There's a prize for the best final answer.

About Brigham
Favorite Color: Judging from my clothes, it looks like blue, black, red, and, er, pink.
Worst Color: My sister used to always say her favorite color was “indigo”, and I always thought that was ridiculous of her, she wouldn’t have even known what indigo was were it not for the Indian girl by that name on Rainbow Brite. What is indigo, anyway?
Favorite food: Real tacos al pastor straight off a Mexico City street vendor, Tostadas de Tinga at the Garavito’s house, Pork Shoulder in Coconut Milk with a variety of Thai garnishes at Pete and Hannahs
Worst food: A pile of peas.
Best characteristic in another person: Decisiveness, having a plan, being chill, laughing really hard at "Budonkadonk"
Worst characteristic in another person: Presumptiveness, jackassedness, chronic tardiness
Favorite place to visit: Barcelona, the Lower East Side, Downey Idaho
Worst place visited: The 30’s between 8th and Park Avenues.
Your best characteristic: I roll with the punches and can teach kids not to be afraid of snakes.
Best memory: Dropping from a 1:06.66 to a 1:02.75 at Sectionals to qualify for state in the 100 Breast my Junior year of high school, negative splitting and placing 3rd in the 200 Breast at Summer State the next year. Playing in the pool with this kid named Karl. Getting my LSAT score. Getting over a 99% on a pathology exam.
Worst memory: Maybe in 3rd grade when I tried to block a shot in scooter-hockey and instead knocked it into the goal and the teacher had to sit everyone down and tell them to stop yelling at me while I tried to stop crying
Biggest fear: Underwater creatures, singing in public
Best book: “Ulysses” (Joyce), “Cat’s Cradle” (Vonnegut), “V.” (Pynchon), “The Broom of the System” (Wallace), “Training in Christianity” (Kierkegaard), “Lolita” (Nabokov).
Worst book: Of the books I’ve stuck all the way through with, “A Thing or Two About Curtis and Camilla” by Mr. Full of Himself
Best movie: “Iron Giant,” “Wings of Desire,” “Can’t Hardly Wait,” “Dr. Strangelove”
Worst movie: There are so many of them.
Best cd/song: Velvet Underground’s third album (“Velvet Underground”), “Pump up the Volume” by Marrs, I sure listen to “Turn on the Bright Lights” and “Fever to Tell” a whole lot. “Hypnotize” by the Notorious B.I.G.
Worst cd/song: It makes me no friends, but I can’t stand Outkast, especially that “Roses” song.
Great thing about the person who sent this to you: Her smarts and her shoes.


That wasn't so bad, was it? A brilliant backlog of content from the weekend shall be posted shortly.


Ryan said...

Brig, you have led a blessed life if the worst thing you have eaten is a pile of peas.

Cindy said...

I really liked Lolita too. It consumed me. I couldn't look at another male person without wondering what evil, vile, perverted thing might be going through his mind. At first, I thought that this feeling made me not like this book, but then I realized that it was Nabakov's genius that spun those emotions. Have you ever read "Speak, Memory"?

Anonymous said...

The hue of that portion of the visible spectrum lying between blue and violet, evoked in the human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 450 nanometers; a dark blue to grayish purple blue.

I still had to respond, even if this is months old. Your knowledge amazes me - I can't wait to see you published in print with millions of dollars. Mom is going to have the best day of her life this Christmas; don't worry I haven't ruined your surprise. And, I think Indigo is pretty cool still although I had totally forgot my odd answer to favorite color and had no idea about Rainbow Bright's pal. You need a site counter. Thanks for entertaining Cory!