Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Best Coincidence of the Week

So, everyone's at the park tonight because the weather is better than perfect and it turns out that if you're a law student and you're at the park, you'll be wearing red, because that's what Ajay, Jeff, and I were doing. Swear it wasn't planned.

I put up a new album at shutterfly (login is my email, password is "pictures") where you'll see that (among other things) 1) I completely forgot to say that I spent Saturday afternoon at East River Park with Lisa Howie (from High School) watching Clem Snide 2) Today I saw ANOTHER Rolls Royce Phantom. Geeze. What are these things, the new H2s?


Anonymous said...

I love this "website" of Brigham's! I can still know lots about what Brigham is up to without ever having to see him anymore. Thanks, Blogger.

love, P

Cindy said...

That Ajay is soooooooo cute!