Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Best Book of Next Week: An exercise in excessive linking

Yesterday I picked up my copy of David Sedaris' newest, "Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim" and can't wait to start it as soon as I finish the Best Book of this Week, "Air Guitar" by Dave Hickey. With a new David Foster Wallace fiction collection coming out on the 8th, could June 2004 be the Most Hardcover-Book-Buyingest Month of my life? It's looking like it.

Has anyone started Dress Your Family yet? What's the word?

Oh, and Broom of the System is back in print, this is very, very good news. If Infinite Jest looks like too much, and a few essays and stories are too little, this is the model for you!


JenGurn said...

I saw a short interview with David Sedaris yesterday at the Salt Lake City airport on one of those CNN airport channels. I only discovered him about six months ago and have been really curious to see and hear him since then--funny the SLC airport provided my first sighting. The two things that struck me most about him were:

-He looked older than any pictures I've seen of him--his hair was lighter in color, kind of grayish-yellow

-He has a fairly pronounced speech impediment and makes a slushy sound when saying "s" and "ch." Not lispy you understand, but slushy.

Another book-related note: the most recent issue of San Francisco magazine had a story on Dave Eggers (I read A Hearbreaking Work... at Sommer's recommendation per your recommendation, Brig). I wasn't aware he'd moved back to SF a few years ago, and that he's married now, but he did and he is. I don't remember details, but his wife is the editor of a periodic publication they put out, and I believe he runs some sort of non-profit organization.

Matt Lemmon said...

In response to the comment made about David Sedaris' speech impediment, you should listen to some of his radio spots from NPR. You could get them off the internet, or by tuning into NPR at just the right time on a Sunday evening. I heard a great reading by Sedaris, in which he does his imitation of Billie Holliday singing the Oscar Meyer Weiner song.