Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Best Critical Desalinization Point of the Week

Among the secret bonuses of ongoing relationship with New York University is that the ticket office sells vouchers to get into movies on weekdays for $5.50 (and this comes with a small popcorn, too). To those of you that live in cities that have dollar theaters, this isn't a big deal, but in NYC movies push $10.25 a showing, so the $5.50 tickets are an outrageous bargain that allow me to go see movies I wouldn't be willing to put the dough down on otherwise. For example, yesterday I saw "The Day After Tomorrow". While I've heard plenty of people curse the film, it really isn't that bad, I mean, it's got Donnie Darko in it acting just a tiny bit more friendly, and you get to hear Dennis Quaid explaining critical desalinization points like they're going to end the world . . . and they do. And, as en ex-Mexican myself, it's pretty great to see that Mexico saves the world (crap, did I just give away the ending?)

However, to consider this film a serious political statement and a valid "threat" to Bush this election year is as ridiculous as citing "Independence Day" as an important election year criticism of Clinton's policy on UFOs. I can't wait for "I, Robot" to open my eyes to Bush's neglect of the pressing deadly robots in the future issue that we're all so worried about right now.

Oh, and I hear they made a "snow storm" for the New York premiere of the Day After Tomorrow . . . isn't that like holding the premiere for "Titanic" on a sinking boat, or stabbing everyone that attends the next slasher-flick premiere?

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Bryant said...

While I agree that the movie wasn't that bad, you have to admit that the whole time you're watching it you have the feeling that you might have seen it before. You know, some crazy, unpredictable disaster is about to happen, but, even though the hero figures it out, no one will listen to him...