Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Best Last Post of the Night

Seriously, I've never had so much content I've wanted to post before bed. But, as I'll probably spend tomorrow writing Wednesday's post, this is all you're getting for a little while.

Tonight the Uptown and Downtown factions of the 3rd Ward set aside their differences and came together to enjoy Broadway Under the Stars at Bryant Park. A few pictures are up in an album at shutterfly(as always, login is my email and password is "pictures")(and might I add that I feel these photos have some of my best captions ever). Since the NYC scheduled the event to start at 8:30, I actually didn't catch a single song (see following paragraphy for why) but I'm sure it was great and that my girl Sutton Foster nailed her number. Perhaps I'll watch Saturday at 7 on Channel 2?

Anyway, I left Bryant Park early to go see the Lebanese/French film "The Kite" at Lincoln Center (info is down the page a bit). It was truly an excellent film, and, for fear of tarnishing something great with my inability to be serious, let me just say that it was better than Titanic and My Big Fat Greek Wedding combined. Yeah, that good. But seriously, with so many dreary films being made about dire situations around the world, it was such a relief to see a film that was able to address a serious topic that I know too little about and retain its heart and a sense of humor. (You really ought to click on that link to find out what the movie's about, 'cuz I'm not going to write a plot synopsis, it's 1 in the morning, afterall). The Kite will be playing once more on Thursday night, I strongly recommend seeing it instead of Garfield.


Bryant said...

Sutton Foster not only nailed her numbers, but was by far the best performer there. Balky from Perfect Strangers (I'm sure he has a real name, but I don't know it) was the MC and he was by far the worst performer; I'm just glad he didn't sing. The whole thing was pretty mediocre, but hey, it was free.

Anonymous said...

up, up and away...my first blog comment. The movie I just saw this weekend was about a boat (because Kites and boats go together). It is a 1962, roman polanski film called Knife in the Water, highly recommended. -RP