Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Bringing Back the Rock

This weekend I got a well-deserved email from a close friend and dear reader chastising me (quite deservedly) for the completely non-rock content of Steady Mobbin’. As he so eloquently said himself:

rock n' roll was there for you when you were young and rock n' roll will be there when you're old. rock n' roll made you what you are toady and it can break you in four-beats time. I suggest you pay due to rock n' roll before it thinks you take it for granted and leaves you for good.

My only excuse is that I haven’t been going to many rock shows or buying many CDs ever since I started this site, but those excuses need excuses themselves. So, in an effort to get my life straight, here’s my first half-rockin’ collection of rock n roll tidbits.

-Lollapalooza 2004 has been cancelled. The press release is great, you can really feel Perry and Company trying to lay the guilt on us, the consumers, for not jumping all over this present they had prepared for us. While the lineup was spectacular, especially considering it had featured New York’s only dose of the Pixies regrouping, nothing short of a real Eastcoast Coachella could make me want to spend two days at a music festival. Here’s hoping the Pixies come over soon.

-Interpol has finished their second record (“Antics”!) and now all we have to do is wait until September 28th to get it. (Check their site for details and track listings. Nice names, but where are Obstacle 3 and Obstacle 4?) Don’t get me started on how much I dig Turn on the Bright Lights (props to Pitchforkmedia for making it their Best Album of 2002). It’s my number one favorite middle of the night record (I can’t imagine what it’s like to listen to during the day.) Along with Fever to Tell and Original Pirate Material, it’s one of the records that I keep reaching into my ipod for while I haven’t even listened to the new Wilco all the way through more than once, let alone the Secret Machines record (which I really only got because I dig that song of theirs that sounds like the Flaming Lips/Chemical Brothers song “The Golden Path” except a whole lot louder). You know how first the Backstreet Boys were all popular, and N*Sync seemed like lame copies, but then the Backstreet Boys fell off and N*Sync took over? And how, at first, Ricky Martin was el caca, and Enrique Iglesias was nothing, then Ricky went bust and now Enrique is the guy? That’s how I feel it’s going to be with the Strokes (whose teat I never quite took to anyway) and Interpol. I’m expecting that soon the kids will be saying “Room on Fire, what? Antics, all right!”

-What if someone made a record called “Yankee Hotel Cockrock”? That’d be hilarious.

-Saturday I got tickets for the Streets in a week. I wasn’t able to get tickets to the Hives, which is too bad, because I had a whole post already planned in my head where I’d be all like “2002 nostalgia gripped Irving Plaza last night when a sell-out crowd turned out to pay tribute to the Swedish Invasion that drove us all wild so long ago.” Apparently 2002 nostalgia has already gripped New York a little too hard.

-Actually, I might have a concert review tomorrow night if I decide to brave the line at Mercury Lounge to see the Killers (should be killer . . . I mean, crazy). Is there even time to get the jump on this Killers thing, or are they already all Franz Ferdinanded out?


Anonymous said...

Coachella was, of course, amazing. The Pixies rocked.

Anonymous said...

Woodstock was also awesome. Woooh!!!

Cindy said...

that girl on the left, in the picture - she's hottt!