Saturday, June 19, 2004

"Best Play Ever, Man!"

Last night I wound up watching the Terminal in Brooklyn Heights before wandering DUMBO looking for food that was eventually found back in Brooklyn Heights. Regarding the Terminal: sometimes you've just got to admit that Steven Spielberg knows how to make a movie and that Tom Hanks knows how to be in movies. But, in case you haven't figured it out yet, the thing to be loved about the Terminal is that it features Kumar Pallana in his biggest movie role ever. Watching every scene that he was in, it really made me long for my roommates and associates from the Avenues (back in my posh Provo dwelling days.)

Here's a great interview with Mr. Pallana, I was so excited to find it and post it that I haven't really even read it yet.


Bilaeva said...

Ah yes, Kumar, is he not a delightful concoction of the sublime and the ridiculous. The rest of the film was rather pedestrian I felt. Still at least old Viktor was lucky enough to be delayed in our airport transit lounge as shopping mall day and age. I remember the world travel of my slightly distant youth. No shops, no amusements, just one lousy cafeteria turing out bacteria on toast and warm sodas. There were my sister and I, sat eating sandwiches my mother had whipped up two days and seven time zones ago, playing eye spy, and - let's be honest - wondering what it would be like if terrorists blew up our airplane (well at least some things don't change). I just love all the gift stores and crummy fast food joints. Kids today - they don't know how lucky there!

p.s There are posh parts of Provo? I had never imagined...

Anonymous said...

"he has the cancer."