Friday, April 01, 2011

Best Record Release Party

So last night my buddy Pete's band, Spectre Folk, had a record release concert party in Brooklyn for their record Blackest Medicine, Vol. 2. Blackest Medicine has been treating me right for a few months now and it's just $4 on iTunes so you should just buy it.  I know it's the finest electric stoner folk rock album (my invented genre, not the band's official statement) I own, why not make it yours?  Stop being so cheap.

Pete's there on the left and at the far left you'll espy the brim of Frank Facinelli's hat.  Have you clicked that youtube embed yet?  Can't you tell this is good cooking music?

The set magnificently loud.  It's been so long, but it's so satisfying for me to come home late at night with my ears ringing.  It gives me the feeling of knowing I made a good decision about my evening.

In addition, it need to be mentioned that the show was at Shea Stadium. 

Meaning the new Shea Stadium which is a loft/bar?/music venue in an out of the way but not inaccessible corner of Brooklyn that, even though it was on the second floor, definitely had a strong basement rec-room feel.

Finding Shea Stadium was a little tricky, at first we went into the building next door because we heard music coming from it.  Turns out it was someone's private practice space, someone who's bathroom we used and they'll never even know.

Leaving Shea.  If you're ever trying to find the stadium yourself I'd recommend looking for the door that is the tiniest bit ajar with the flyer announcing the show on the side of the door facing away from approaching foot traffic.

And in closing, once more, buy the Spectre Folk record.  Your iTunes library will be better off and you'll finally use the rest of that iTunes gift card you got two Christmases ago.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

Sounds like an album I should buy for my trip this weekend.