Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Best Kitchen Successes

Usually I post one thing that I cooked well and three things I cooked wrong.  Today I can show you a string of things done right.

First of all, I made this linguine (tossed in butter and cheese to kind of make a butter and cheese sauce) with asparagus topped with one of my trademark poorly poached eggs.

The dream was to have yolk oozing all over it.  I had too much pasta for one egg to ooze all over.

I've been working on my grilled cheese sandwiches.  I'm getting really good.  I'm not always blessed with the luxury of having multiple cheeses on hand, but when I do, I take advantage. 

Most my life I've been eating grilled cheese with the bread buttered.  A few years ago I realized I should be buttering the pan.  And once the butter is melted, I grind a bunch of pepper all over it (that's what's about to happen right after this picture).

So essential!  Weigh that sandwich down with something like, say, a pot lid.  And this pot lid both weighs my sandwiches down and traps the heat to help everything get melty.

Look at that guy! (yes, I added a little ham)  At least as good as some fancier ones I've had lately.

On Sunday Spence and I put our heads together and invented some chicken mushroom asparagus enchiladas.  Because that's what roommates do.

To Make It:

Softened a lot of mushrooms and onion.

Tore a rotisserie chicken's worth of chicken apart with our own hands, snacked up about a 1/3 of it in the process.

Sliced a number of asparagus in half because it seemed they'd do better in the enchiladas if they were cut in half.

Wrapped up the chicken and onion and asparagus and mushroom in Spencer's weird whole wheat tortillas.

Mixed a big can of green enchilada sauce with a decent amount of sour cream.

Poured the sauce all over the enchiladas and put cheese all over it, baked at 350 for however long it was.  Twenty, thirty minutes?

Meanwhile I invented this: broccoli tossed with all the garlic I had (six cloves), chili pepper, adobo seasoning, a little soy sauce (very Mexican), a bit of sesame oil (also very Mexican) then roasted along with the enchiladas.  Not bad, not bad at all.  Dare I say good?

The finished product!  With additional sides and toppings.  And I had a hard time scooping my enchilada out of the tray.

Then yesterday I had this wonderful breakfast that came to me in a dream.  And it was as good as the dream.


Rae said...

Best enchiladas I've ever had. Even better with the company.

Noelle said...

Wow, I really want to make that cheese sandwich. I just discovered goat butter, which seems like might be good on it too.