Thursday, April 07, 2011

Best Morning Stroll

Wednesday morning I woke up kind of early, felt like taking a walk.  So I grabbed my S90 and headed up Riverside towards the park.

There is the worst track by our house.  Or a great track if you are into extreme steeplechase.

Just riding to school on the back of dad's bike.

And into the park I went.

When I got to the tennis courts you're supposed to walk up the hill but instead I left the trail and walked around them.

Into uncharted land.

A land of dead tennis balls.

Look closely.  So many of them!  Enjoy this Easter egg hunt.

The problem with leaving the trail is finding your way back onto it.  Up the hill with me.

Dipped into Riverside Chapel, had a closer look around.

Nice etched glass windows, a history of American worship, I gather.

I always appreciate a model of where I am.

The little chapel.

My place of worship certainly doesn't offer free haircuts.

Some other time I'll figure out what the deal with that churchy building is.

Sakura Park.  Not a cherry blossom in sight.

Grant's Tomb.  Barely paid it any attention on this hike.

Did notice some interesting details, though.

Went through that tunnel on the left.  The path ended.

But the homeless fellow that lived in the tunnel showed me his secret escape path.

Oh, so that's Dinosaur BBQ.

Why you would hire Yoda rid I do not know.  Must be for Sith.

Uhhh . . . yeah . . . uhm . . . this sign is necessary?  Eels?

Wait!  Are these cherry blossoms?

Because of the eels, right?

Whenever you think the path has ended,

The rest of it is always somewhere nearby.

Someone had been partying here a while before.  Shortly after taking this picture I was nearly hit from behind by a completely silent police car.  Eerie to think that if I had died, this would be my last photo ever taken.  Of a Four Loko can.

But I didn't die!  Instead, I got closer and closer to the GW Bridge.

Here be Giants!

This the Jeff's Hook lighthouse.

And this is really the end of the trail.

Rules are rules.

Zooming by.

For a minute I was considering crossing it.

I thought someone was sending me a message, a message that said "Jennifer."

A favorite theater that I've never been to.

Never too late to promote a good movie.

And here I am, back in civilization, walking down a little something we call 181st street.

Underground with me.

And when I got home it was pretty much early lunchtime so I created a soup by blending a can of black beans with with a roasted serrano and roasted garlic and some onions and cumin and oregano and salt and pepper and chicken stock.  I don't know what that green stuff on top is, or how it got there.

Just kidding!  It's cilantro and I put it there.


Ginger said...

I used to practically haunt riverside! Although, I never made it past the homeless guy.

Liza Jane said...

I love your walk! Totally makes me miss NY. Hope you're doing well.