Thursday, April 21, 2011

Best Man Headed West

Last night we had a farewell gathering for Casey because Casey is going to San Francisco for an internship that will probably turn into a great job and he'll probably never come back and probably forget us all forever.

But do you really think you can forget the last time we bumped fists, Casey?  Do you really?

There was a great turn out and even though we're all wearing jackets the weather was nice.  Some people made silly faces in these pictures.  They did it on purpose.

Certain parties in attendance had just become engaged and couldn't stop being cute about it.

And other parties in attendance were cute without even needing a special reason.

This is a thing called the "armless hug."

Hey Monica!

Chateau said something flattering before taking this picture.  I was supposed to write it here, but I just feel embarrassed.  It wasn't about my squint, but I must say, that's a pretty good squint I'm squinting.

(Had there been a picture right here?  I can't even remember.)

There's the new guy, Brandon.  And if anyone's going to replace Stacy at Hyeku's house we could do a lot worse than Molly.  (that's a positive expression, right?  "Could do a lot worse" . . . always sounds so negative to me.  Yet I use it.)

Who will win this staring contest?  Or is it a chin-sticking contest?

Council of the Bros.

I've posted these pictures totally out of order so that you'd have no idea who got their food first.

Hillary and Stephen were also at Cafe Habana.  By pure coincidence?  Or pure location predicting?  I never figured it out.

Austin was stuck on the phone the whole time.  Sorry, Austin.  We'll have to have another Casey party so you can attend it.

In closing, just like I opened, it was time to bid Casey adieu.  After nearly three years of enjoying bumping into him I finally started kicking it with him and now he's headed away.  At least we saw two 1/2 price matinees together.  We'll always have Rango, Casey.  And Hanna.


alyssa said...

So sad I couldn't be at this farewell event for my brother, i hope you all like me that much too. I think I'll miss him the most!

Jordan P said...

Sad for you guys but glad he's joining us on this side of the country! And don't worry, we never forget you briggie