Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Big Day for Owen

On Friday I drove down to Provo from Salt Lake to attend Owen's graduation.  The real graduation where they give you a diploma.

But actually before I drove down to Provo I had Belgian waffles for breakfast with Andrew and Sarah.



Not pictured: Belgian waffles.

And THEN I drove down to graduation.  The field house was full of so many proud people looking for their graduate, pointing at their graduate, and taking their graduate's picture.

And calling their graduate to figure out where they were lining up.

And making beautiful photos of precious memories with their iPads and not looking embarrassing at all.

I sat with my family.

Daughter and mother.

Mother and son.

Sister and brother.

Mother hunting for her son.

I don't know what "swag" means but apparently my niece does.

There's Owen!  The one that's waving!

The one that's shaking a hand!  The Mechanical Engineer, right there.

We did it!

Filing out of the field house.  Have I ever told you the story of the time I ran a mile and a half on this track?

Outside, more beautiful memories captured forever on (some) mom's iPad.

We were supposed to find Owen at the Brigham Young statue.

Hiking up them famous stairs.

Walking through that famous tunnel.

Catching that first glimpse of the famous SWKT.

Noticing some buds.

And finding Owen.

Right where he was supposed to be.

Wait?  I get to be in the picture, too?  You're inviting me?

Niece and uncle.

Patience.  But then again, he's only been waiting for this his whole life.

Grandmother and grandson.

You know those people that bring their baby across the stage with them when they graduate?  We made a lot of jokes about that while Owen was holding baby Rocco, until Owen made the best joke by saying he "found him at the D.I."

Then we went to Clyde Building where they were serving us our light lunch.

Oh there's Dad.  All the old ladies grabbed most of the lunch before we got there.


Aunt Teresa.

We are all so proud of Owen for having graduated and for having risen above academic dishonesty.  It was a lot of work for him to repeat all those classes, but it was the right thing to do.

Kidding!  Kidding!  Owen is the portrait of academic honesty.  Don't you know anything?


Side of Jeffrey said...

Congrats Owen. You are a man among men.

sarah said...

As I recall, my graduation was in the field house too. Seemed funny to think about getting your diploma where countless people have run miles and miles around that track. Congratualtions to Owen!!!

Katharine said...

Good job, Owen! What a feat! And good for Grandma walking all that way and climbing those stairs!

Owen said...

Thanks for the post Brig.

Kristen said...

I need that picture of Ellie. I love that you call the baby, Rocco.

Shelli said...

infamous stairs.