Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Best Movie About the Best Dude

Last night I nearly didn't see the documentary called "Bill Cunningham New York" because, you know, it can be hard to accept an invitation to a movie while you're cooking dinner and if I'm cooking dinner, I feel like I've decided to stay in.

But I went!  And now I can tell you this:

This movie was GREAT.  It's ostensibly about his life's work as a street fashion and society photographer at the NY Times and even though there is so much street fashion and society photography related stuff in the movie (and the trailer would leave you believing that's what it's all about), more than anything it's a movie about what a solid dude this Bill Cunningham is.  Like, I can barely deal with the goodness and kindness of the fellow and the laser-precise focus he has on what matters to him (and he does seem to have a nice set of things that matter to him) and how much he doesn't care about what isn't important to him (and what isn't important to him is stuff that shouldn't be important to any of us . . . except for kitchens, I think kitchens are important . . . you'll see).  Along the way the film introduces you to a lot of wonderfully eccentric people, it entertains the whole way through yet, quite sneakily, leaves you inspired by the example (there! I'll say it!  Bill Cunningham is an example!) of Mr. Cunningham.

Bill Cunningham New York is playing at the Film Forum and City Cinemas 123 and closes tomorrow (Thursday) so run and go see it . . . showings are already selling out.

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Jordan P said...

I'm so glad it was good! I think it's coming to SF this weekend so I definitely plan on going!