Thursday, April 28, 2011

Best Provo Free Time

After all of Owen's graduation stuff I took the afternoon off to celebrate Provo.  I started by going to the BYU Museum of Art to check out Adam Bateman's biggest book stack (as far as I know) yet.

And biggest alphabet soup letters painted black arrangement.

But the books were easier to photograph.

There was other art there that wasn't Adam's, but I liked it anyway.

Outside, found art.

Then I went to Taco Bell AND Del Taco for lunch because they both had shrimp tacos.

. . . aaand they both were gross.  But the Del Taco one was cheaper, so I guess it was "better."

Then I went over to the D.I., but things were pretty slow there.  They do have a healthy Teen Paranormal Romance section, though.

Then I went back to BYU to check out the Bean Museum, but that gets it's own post.

After the museum I checked out some Provo buds,

And ran into a few others.

And then it was back to family time and honoring Owen.


Willie DeFord said...

This is uncanny. Last week I was in Utah and I went to the MOA at BYU to see Adam's installation and then the Bean. I love the Bean Museum, especially the glass cases downstairs with all the birds with cotton stuffing sticking out their eyes.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Don't tell me Karisa has a child graduating from BYU already...