Thursday, March 03, 2011

Best We Were Happy and We Were Helping

Saturday there was a service project in Newark.  I love Newark!  I've spent an surprising amount of time there!  So I went!  And I got to be the PATH train/Newark expert.

So here's you know, some pictures from waiting for the train and riding the train.  Look at all the puffy black jackets!

(yes, we had a kid with us.)

So true!

And then we were in Newark, the place we went to press service at was in a neighborhood called the Iron Bound, it is a very Iberian neighborhood where you'll find lots of restaurants that look like this one:

And very specific little business, like this lawyer for all your Arturo problems.

And this is where we did service, at a place that helps out new Portuguese speaking immigrants.  We painted their one big room.

Boy Scouts taught me how to fold this flag right.

Shirt Twins!  (Fraternal, not identical.)

Here we are, working, getting things ready to paint!

Kind of sad things like this would soon be wiped out forever.

This is what the street looked like that we were one.  Just so you know.

See that?  I painted it.

Here's pictures of everyone working

When we were "done" we took a photo,

and the boss told us about the work they do there.

Okay, and now I start telling the truth:  What put me over the edge and made me decide to definitely come to this service project was when I saw that the place we'd be working at was right around the corner from Hamburgao, my favorite Brazilian hamburger place in all of the Iron Bound!

This is the face the person who orders the salad (and please, take a look at that "delicious" salad) makes when they see a Hamburgao.

This is a Hamburgao:

This is a Hamburgao cut in half.  Can you see: Steak? Bacon? Ham? Egg? Cheese?  Lettuce? French fries?
Speaking of french fries . . . all these for just $3!  And that sandwich was just $6.

What's going on here?  Why are the girls laughing?  Sorry, wish I could tell you, but then it'd be on the internet.  You can ask me in real life, though.  It's a pretty crazy story.

And then, when we were done, we walked back to the train an passed Forno's.  I'm saying that for Cher, the rest of you didn't even have to read this sentence or look at this picture.

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