Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Best Somehow I Didn't Ruin This

I think I've told you I've got this "new" (to me) Mark Bittman cookbook where it's all seasonal recipes and the recipes are all short, quick, and there's no exact measurements . . . just clear, general instructions to play fast and loose with.  Sunday I tried out his version of cassoulet (mostly because it involves white beans, which I'm into, and called for sausage, which I had on hand) and played it fast and loose with his fast and loose recipe.

I definitely had worries that I played it to sloppy with this recipe.  I sliced the carrots and celery instead of chopping them up because I didn't read the recipe closely enough, so I worried they'd never get soft.  And I had a sweet sausage lying around instead of a smoked sausage, so I tossed that in but started worrying about the flavors I'd have going on.  And it seemed pretty liquid-less when I started, and if I was supposed to simmer it?  So I poured in maybe too much water.  And I only had a tiny bit of thyme, etc. etc.

But you know what?  It turned out good.  Maybe it even turned out great?  Eating it I sensed a need for just a little more something . . . so I tossed in some super-stale old bread and boom!  Perfect.  Well, almost perfect.  It didn't seem salty enough as I was cooking it, so I added a bit.  Actually, a lot.  Next time, I'm going to be more careful with the salt.  But at least there will be a next time.

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