Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best Additional Internet Endeavor

One night, while enjoying tacos with friends, Steve asked me if I'd make a podcast with him.  I said "sure."  After a few trial runs, we had a name for our podcast, Curious Kittens—because it's supposed to be about us getting all curious and asking people about the things they do and stuff—and now we've birthed our podcast the world with our first interview, Episode Two: Jared Lindsay Clark, where we interview artist Jared Lindsay Clark (who just opened a solo show here in New York, you might remember that).

You can listen to it (or download it, if you click that little downward pointing arrow) right here via this surprisingly wide embed, or at the Curious Kittens tumblr, if you prepare clicking over to another website.

  Curious Kittens Podcast .02 by Frenchy Rene

Our second interview, meaning the first one we recorded, will be up soon.

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Miss B. said...

B, you starting a podcast is the best news.