Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Best Preliminary Attempt

For a while I have been curious about the Momofuku cookbook's tomato and tofu salad recipe, particularly because it quotes Jean Georges Vongerichten calling it his favorite Momofuku dish.  It's like an Asian riff on Caprese salad, with tofu replacing the mozzarella, shiso replacing the basil, and a sesame-oil leaning vinaigrette instead of the balsamic sort you'd expect at an Italian place.

Really what had been keeping me from trying it was my inability to find shiso leaves, but earlier this week I was in the neighborhood of Sunrise Mart and they hooked me right up.  I didn't splurge on a nice container of heirloom tomatoes of all sorts of colors as it was my intent to just get a feel for the recipe this week.  

The verdict: It was fine.  Sorry.  That's the verdict. Just "fine."  I expected the dressing to be zingier.  That's my fault, I suppose.  I'll try it again with a zingier vinaigrette and prettier tomatoes.  I'm sure it will be wonderful that way.

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