Thursday, March 24, 2011

Best Sunday Full of Magnificent Failure

Sunday was Macaron Day.  What is a macaron?  It is like a small french hamburger.

And what is a Macaron Day?  Well, just another made-up corporate holiday like Valentine's, except on this made-up corporate holiday a great many of the city's French (or slightly French) bakeries give out free macarons.  Free macarons for everyone!  All you had to do was find a place that had any left.

Because, you see, in New York we don't often come across "free" very often so free things don't last long.  And if you wait until after church on Sunday to go on your macaron crawl, your mission won't be full of victory.

In the end, out of six establishments visited we were able to get macarons at two of them . . . we got wise and started calling places before visiting them to check if they had any left.  If we hadn't done that then our average would have been even more spectacularly low.

At the place called Macaron Cafe I had a pumpkin macaron.

And at the place called in the FC Chocolate Bar in the Plaza Food Hall I had a passionfruit macaron.  I should have had chocolate.

But when I said we only got macarons at two places I lied.  Because when we arrived at the Francois Payard Bakery on Houston we got their very last remaining macaron.  We let Sidney have it.  Or probably those of us willing to eat another passionfruit macaron split it, and Sidney was the one holding it when I took the picture.  (By the way, everyone, this is Sidney.  Claire's sister.  She met Greg when she was in the MTC and knows a lot about Poland.  Because she just got back from her mission there.  She doesn't know the Polish word for Wednesday, though. [inside joke, people.  don't be jealous.])

But something good that happened on Macaron Day was that I saw this skull.  You know anyone giving away free Pan de los Muertos or sugar skulls on November 2nd?

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Pearl said...

I wish I were there for this. Alas. Next year we will plan a macaron route.